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Originally Posted by grog18b View Post
The solution is simple. Career felon? More than three violent felonies? You are taken out back of the prison, and run through a wood chipper. No more career criminal. No more over crowded prisons, no more taxpayer dollars spent on a wasted POS. No more clogged court system. ...and a hell of a lot less career shitbags running around free, plus the incentive for said shitbags to cease their career shitbaggery.
I get very frustrated by liberals who claim "it's more expensive to execute a criminal than it is to incarcerate them for life" and use that as a reason to be anti-death penalty. Because the death penalty does reduce crime. Maybe just by one asshole, but now that asshole is incapable of ever commiting another crime.

Anyway, the only reason the death penalty is more expensive than life in prison is because the liberals have made the appeals process so laborious and the lawyers charge the public treasury so much money to defend these shitheads. If we had a straight-forward, simple to understand, and lawyer-free procedure to execute lifelong felons, the death penalty would be significantly cheaper.
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