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Blue Heron Bridge and other Florida Diving

I'm sure at least some of you heard about the controversy at BHB- basically and outfit from TX got permission to capture some fish from BHB and other sites- they went hog wild at BHB and basically pillaged the place.


I dove there in January and it was pretty much a ghost town. Well I am pleased to report that I dove there over the weekend and the wildlife has returned in droves. Lots and lots of baby fish out and about. Got some good pics pasted below.

So, gonna review a few sites that ive visited over the past few months in case anyone is looking for info.

Devil's Den:

Beautiful place, the pictures looked amazing. This was my first dive away from the safety of my team and quarries back home. It's a great dive- but Ill posit this: it's cool to go and see it for yourself, but the dive itself wasn't all that exciting. There are some nice swim throughs and a few fish, but other than that you are basically circling an empty chamber. The lighting coming from the surface is pretty.

Worth trying once, but going forward I'm not going to go out of my way to do the dive unless a group of friends are going.

Alexander Springs:

Very pretty dive, easy access- you walk right into shallow water and to your left is a sweet little nest of lily pads- great for photos. To your right it drops off to about 30 feet and there is a little teeny tiny cavern system which is the mouth of the spring.

Great, relaxing place to dive,,,bring your SO and kids to swim and hang out while you dive. Only limitation is it is pretty small so you will see everything there is to see in your first 30 minutes. Great place to go do a gear check out, and only 6$ admission.

Ginnie Springs:

Been there twice and am HOOKED. There are three different sites here and multiple cave systems. Holy crap it is beautiful. I have barely scratched the surface, and am determined to go back as much as possible. If you haven't tried this place- TRY IT. There is tons to do for all levels of diving. 30 bucks for a day pass- worth it.

Orlando Aquarium:


$180 gets you an incredible 3 hour experience behind the scenes and a 40 minute aquarium dive.

The customer service from start to finish is impeccable. You show up with your mask and swim suit- then they take you on a tour behind the scenes. You get to see the inner workings of the aquarium as well as the facilities they use to take care of the animals.

For example- you walk into the first room inside and there is a pool with manatees just farting off in 6 feet of water. They show you how they cycle the water, lift the animals out on a platform, etc.

Then you proceed to the locker room- you'll find one with your name on a placard- inside is your wetsuit and booties, along with towels for the shower. You change, and head out to the water, where they put you in a specific order and have you walk up to your gear which they put on you. You just stand there while they hook every little piece up.

After that the guides take you out the center, do a controlled descent, and for the next 40 minutes it is playtime.

Afterwards- you can pay $35 to have your own customized copy of dive video footage. Link:

Lake Denton

Relatively shallow dive in the lake at University of Southern Florida. 25-30 feet max. Nice warm water last weekend(88F). 10-20 foot viz. We had a good time there doing my photography class. Good place to go fart around or check out gear, do classes etc. Not bad eye candy either

So, as I mentioned before- here are some pics from BHB. My camera strobe crapped out so I was lighting support for my instructor. Pics of a couple horseshoe crabs doing the horizonal mambo and a hermit crab with a conk shell:
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