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As an aside, just because you've attended a regionally accredited school, it is not a lock all of your credits will transfer. It will depend on the course name, course description, and your grade. There also has to be a spot on the degree path for the class to fit.

As an extreme example, say you've taken all of your gen Ed classes and taken a few classes in your concentration, say Bio. Now you are tranfering to study CJ. Your current Bio classes may not transfer into a CJ degree path. Often they can squeeze them in as electives, but many times they can't. Even within a similar concentration, not all classes may be transferable. It's something to consider.

It's best to transfer early in you academic career when you've taken mostly gen Ed classes. Some schools are more selective with this. Sometimes due to academic issues, and quite frankly, sometimes due financial reasons. For each class that transfers in, they don't charge tuition.

As far as online schools, my wife just finished her Doctorate from Arcadia University in PA. The program was a specialized course of study and was online. It was very demanding but well worth it in the end (big pay raise starting this week)
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