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I started riding at roughly age 6. My dad got me one of those "pull start" jobs from Sears, which living in rural Pennsylvania with 10 acres was awesome. Then we stepped it up to an XR75 (I think)... Then to a CR 80 for a time. Then a CR 125 back in the days with Ricky Johnson and Rich Ward were kicking each others asses in MX. Then for some reason, went to the dark side and got an RM 125.

Left for Basic at Benning. But eventually got back onto a bike with a YZ 250. Fell into the crotch rocket phase at NTC/Ft. Irwin, and got Kawi 750. Been street biker since.

However... Now... I really want to get back into the dirt, but I have no clue where to start. A 4 stroke seems like a good place to start nowadays, no?

6', 210 about right for a 250? The Yamaha 450's look really sweet...

Thoughts oh sages?
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