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Originally Posted by chokeu2 View Post

I do like the notion of engine braking on a 4. It may be the only skill carry over from crotch rockets.

You jerks have caused me to waste an afternoon researching the issue; and I have found that the KTM 250 Freeride XC fits the bill quite nicely. The grunt down low of a 4 stroke, and the tweaky top end of a 2.

I do like the notion of a 450 4 stroke though...

I'm not even going to get started on the gayness of a scooter...
I would look into either the KTM or Husqvarna 300. They're perfect for trail riding, or off road racing, and they don't need many mods; they're great bikes straight out of the crate. My 70 year old dad swears by his 2013 KTM 300EXC.

KidA, that is a damn nice score. The '86 CR250 is a phenomenal bike. What kind of shape was it in when you bought it?
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