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Originally Posted by CDRODA396 View Post
Went to see them in Shreveport La, sometime around 1979, and paid $20 when everyone else, Rush, Nugent, Boston, Nazareth, etc., were $7.50 to $8.50 at that time.

The intermission was literally longer than the show, and they didn't play an encore.

Haven't given them a second thought since...
Contrast that concert experience with a show I saw at a little club in Monterey back in 1989.

Taj Mahal, a bluesman who's played with some of the greatest musicians and bands out there, performing by himself on stage playing nothing but a B3 Hammond organ.

Right up there with one of the best shows I've ever seen, Started playing at about 9 PM and by the time I left he had been playing for about 5 hours straight, no lie. He might take about a half minute or so between tunes, but he'd jump right into another number practically right after he'd finished playing one.

All that for $8, which was the same amount I paid to see Jon Mayall at the same club just a few months before.
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