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My team was sent to CLI for Castillian 01-74-04/75. Then we were handed the tough job of doing ten days of layout/spiels in every senior high school in the city of LA. As we were landing my TL grabs my arm and says "Look down there!" So its a house burning with tracers flying into it. Another movie? We roll into the Burbank Police Station to secure our arms and man are they staring. The one lieutenant says, "Man it sure doesn't take you guys long." The SLA had just been put to sleep. So we didn't have much of a problem with getting the kids attention. Those girls Brothers. Those hot, rich, lonely high school girls. We couldn't touch any of them. We spent one hell of a night at Maggies. We had a cool time in the Playboy Club. I remember drinking with Sprouse. Don't remember where. Maybe it will shake loose. Sorry to hear you went out like that Squirrel. Well if they still made Red White and Blue I'd pop one for you. And sing "Ol Blue".
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