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I'll say it.....Hillary! from the grave. (That's if she beats the collusion/indictments/etc. rap)

She'll be the only one left standing. We still have half a nation emotionally damaged from the last election and determined to make it right this time around.

I personally don't think the Dems have a shot. Biden's got baggage, Bernie is too unstable and angry. Kamala, Sparticus and the rest are window dressing. Anybody hear from 'Beto' lately?? 'Mayor Pete' (they can't bring themselves to pronounce his last name, he should change it to 'Pete Smith') is next in line....he does 'speak well' though which seems to be the major requirement libs have.

It's gonna be fun to watch
"There's the way it ought to be..... then there's the way it is" ~ Barnes
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