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Originally Posted by g6445v View Post
The format that have worked for me in my civilian career is the biographical format. Write the official description of your MOS, position, etc in the first person, for example for Police Officer it should be something like ¨I conduct preliminary investigations into criminal violations of state law. I arrest and interview suspects, I interview victims and witness of crimes....¨ Once you´re done add the accomplishment while you held the said position. For example use your career lights while you were assigned to the position. For this read the write up for any of awards, medals or letters of appreciation you earned while in the position, use some of the language in these write up as your accomplishments. This format will help avoid ommissions as well as exaggerations, as you can back them up with your certificates of training and awards earned...The main problem with this format is that may end up writting a novel, you have to prioritize what you want to write in your resume...the only section (IMO) that you should not leave anything out is the section in where you´re listing all of your training certificates...

You need to look around for a thread where I describe the "long" and "short" resume. No one should be going through awards, medals or anything else to put together a resume.

Chronological is nice, but reading crap that happened 15-20 years ago is tiresome and doesn't attract attention in the manner that one thinks it does.

Listing all your training is a waste unless it's relevant to the job or is something that makes you look more well rounded.
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