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Originally Posted by Nimja View Post
I bought the Rem Tac-14. With a scattergun tech +1 mag extension it's just slightly longer (maybe an 1/8" ?) than the barrel. I keep calling it the .22 of shotguns, because I want to shoot EVERYTHING with it.. like a kid! It's crazy handy.. I fired some 3" steel duck loads out of it to test controllability.. It's easy.. and has a nice basketball sized fireball at dusk!

That and a Vang Comp big safety, an SKD Velcro side saddle and a TLR-1 attached to the fore grip.. and we hang out a lot.. Definitely a niche gun.. But lots of fun.

Oh and for the Nighthawk.. There is a lot of truth to the Shockwave Raptor grip. Someone taught me with vertical pistol grip shotguns to give a slight forward movement toward the target to counter some of the recoil. The vert grip as anyone knows who shot one is rough in the hand. The raptor doesn't force the brunt into your palm. it almost acts like the KRISS in that the recoil force cams downward.. Kinda hard to explain until you shoot it.
Let me know how the TLR-1 does after a few hundred grown up rounds of anything. I continue to break these lights and have stopped buying them as a result. I just bought a few APL-C lights now that Surefire went full retard and charges $300 for the new version of the XC-1.
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