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Just my thoughts...

Who cares if they make a guy re-class to a prior MOS from 18F? Once you have graduated the SFISC, you have checked that block. Let them re-class you, and then, once you have finished the accession process back to AD, drop a 4187 to change your MOS to 18F. It's not like you would have to go back thru the SFISC again.

Bettendorf- Nothing is set in stone, everything is waiverable. It's a negotiation. If AD wants you bad enough, they will let you retain your rank and MOS. If not, see above. Contact DSOP and have a conversation about what's possible, then start the painful process of dealing with a recruiter. Expect recruiters to blow you off, as they don't get credit for prior-service folks, so recruiters see you as a pile of paperwork more complicated than a first-term enlistee, and they get nothing for doing all the paperwork. Too bad. Be persistent and make them do it.
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