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Originally Posted by 19MIKE View Post
I’m looking to purchase a pair of these for my aching knees. I would use them during training and if I were to go hiking or Xcountry skiing….or heck, even yard work. This particular style is 7mm neoprene thick and covers the patella vs. the open patella models. .

I’m generally not a fan of covering the patella, but these new designs (4 part) seem to be an advancement over the ‘one sleeve fits all’ neoprene of the past.

Also wondering if compression wear (shorts, leggings, ‘copperwear’ etc) are valuable assets in keeping the body warm/blood flow/etc. or if it’s somewhat a fad.

Any thoughts/advice/recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mike

I don't know about the warm part. But I've had a pair of Tommy Coppers for about 3 years. I've had 3 knee surgeries and they do help some when the arthritis pain flares up.
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