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Originally Posted by Joe30045 View Post
LOL....Sorry, yes random in that we have about five people applying for a position with sketchy resumes that reference Spec Ops, Special Forces, or SEALs.The one above is the only one that included a 214, and I most certainly know how to read it, I am trying to give the benefit of the doubt. Am I dealing with an inflater, an outright liar, or someone that has gone to the trouble of falsifying a 214?
One resume claiming to have been a "Tactical Operator" at Ft Bragg as an MP SWAT team member. Another claiming extensive experience with an 860 gauge. These guys obviously are not taking advantage of any of the resume writing classes. Mine is far from perfect, but dang!
I finished the 18B course in 2009 and it sure as shit was NOT two weeks long. As has been confirmed, you got yourself a poser.
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