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I retired in 2012 after just a few weeks shy 35 years of service. All of it in Army SOF. Rangers & SF. Much of that time spent as an 18B. My DD214 reflects several non-ATRRS courses. More than several. Hell, some of them predate the very existence of ATRRS.

I learned along the way that there are some pretty outlandish exceptions to damn near anything you believe true about the Army.

The ERB software (when it first hit the streets) didn't even include many perfectly common Army SF schools and courses. WTF?, Over. An imperfect electronic document designed by idiots for lowest common denominator use. Which is why G-1 Retirement Offices manually input all the other stuff you have documentation/orders for.

Like I mentioned, this guy may be a poser. But the bullets mentioned by the OP don't scream the usual line of poser BS. They're mostly appropriate for someone who slogged along for a full infantry NCO career. Not spectacularly inflated and not beyond the realm of possibility. Which are usually the first two red lines that posers cross.

All except for that 91X business. For that, I got nuthin' besides my previous speculation...
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