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Back in the 80s they had a Two week Light and Heavy Course that was taught to NG/Reserve Soliders to get "S" qualified. The whole course six phases. Phase 1A was a bunch of Sub Courses, then you attended a Phase 1B two week course at Bragg (land nav, PT ect..) Phase 2A was more sub courses pertinet to your MOS, Phase 2B was hands on, live fire (for 11B/C and 12Bs). Phase 3A was more sub courses to lead up to a 2 week (phase 3B) Field Exercise. At the end of it you were awarded the "S" identifier. Later converted to an 18 series MOS. I think this all ended in the early 90s.
Still not the time period the OP stated the DD214 that is in question was for.
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