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Originally Posted by bobmueller View Post
The very first band piece I ever marched to was The Ballad, for the local Memorial Day Parade. 1979? Freshman year.
The Old Hands used to flinch every damned time a band would fire up that damned song at a parade. Me too: I never did like self-glorification stuff like that.

And a lot higher percentage than 3 in a hundred were getting through SF training, esp. back in the 60's. Hell, we had a guy (an engineer I think) in the team they put together for our big field exercise at the end of training, damned near a conscientious objector! Now I have no issues with CO's, but I don't think I'd want one on my team. We finally convinced the cadre to keep an eye on him, caught him sneaking out of base camp to walk down the highway to buy white bread and milk (we wondered why our base camp kept getting compromised), booted his dumb ass out.
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