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Originally Posted by Cruiserweight View Post
You're missing the point I'm making. Boxing is where the money is at. If I'm a young dude with alot of talent, would I want to fight in the UFC for 80k or box on HBO or Showtime for ten times that? You bring up the Couture and Tony fight but neglect to mention the Sylvia and Mercer fight.
I absolutely agree with this, but I dont really understand how it happens that way. I dont know ANYONE who pays for boxing matches, or even goes to watch them. I never see them shown on TV when I go to any bars or restaurants that show sports. However, if there is a UFC fight on that I wasnt expecting, I turn around and leave the bar/restaurant because I will never get a table, and usually if I want to watch it, at least one person that I know will have it on PPV if I dont.
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