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Originally Posted by Gray Rhyno View Post
So I've read over these questions and been ruminating on them, but they all seem too personal for us (me at least) to help you with answers. What are your strengths? I know what mine are, but that doesn't necessarily align with yours. Why are you leaving your current job is a question only you can answer.

I have found that the best way to answer interview questions is blunt yet polite and sincere honesty. I've sat across the table and asked the questions and I feel like I can always detect a lack of sincerity in answers. Interviewers aren't looking for the "textbook perfect" answer. IME, I don't bring anyone in for an interview unless I think they're a good candidate for the job. The quickest way to become NOT a good candidate is a lack of sincerity.

I'm not saying walk in without rehearsing; I've asked basic questions like "What is the most difficult leadership problem you've ever had to solve", only to have people stumble all over themselves trying to come up with an answer.

My recommendation:
1) Search on line for "common interview questions for XXX position".
2) Write down the questions.
3) Write down your sincere answers to these questions.
4) Reread what you've written multiple times, so that it is in your head without having to refer to the paper.

Just my humble opinion...
I've done this for my two post .mil jobs and each time was selected. I have to wargame every conceivable question because answers don't necessarily come to me in the moment, they tend to come later after it's all over. So preparation is important for me. "Tell me about a time that you...." and if I considered it prior, I may not be able to think of a situation until later. It's just the way my memory works and my interpretation of the question at the moment.
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