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Originally Posted by RangerJurena View Post
The culprits name was Owens. I'll follow up with more but I'm on my phone
Since this thread floated up to the top.

So many "great" memories from this lock down. Being a PFC was quite the joy ride after a few days, but it builds character they say.

Here were some of the better ones:

1sg Ponder and Cpt. Greene decide to pass a box around so you can put anything you know about the event in and not worry about being the one who gave up the info.

The first big clue... "its in the pond by the 9th hole of the HAAF golf course". This "crack" leadership team in charge of the investigation decide "it could happen"

So, Duke Durkan and Doc Cook rally up the Scuba guys and spend the day splashing around in the pond. Rumor has it, Doc Cook's truck was later seen hauling Scuba gear and a KEG back to the Special Skills locker. It is also speculated that one of the Scuba guys submitted this "clue".

I probably spent the day riding a buffer or low crawl racing down the hall...

In a later formation, the CO is pulling out the "clues" and reading them to himself one by one. Suddenly he stops and says, "Charlie Company, I don't know who wrote it but Fuck You, too!"

We got a good laugh out of that one!

I probably spent the rest of the day riding a buffer or low crawl racing down the hall...
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