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Apocryphal story from back in the day...

At a certain SWC range, an old chubby and retired SF SGM used to drive the Roach Coach and ensure that he arrived each day for the SF kids to buy lunch items. Instead of parking at any other Ft Bragg Range. Because he liked SF Soldiers more than anyone else on Planet Earth... and it did his heart good to see the new generation going through their training paces.

Naturally, each day the students disrespected his fat old ass and made light of retired "Smadges" while indulging in chili-dogs, cold sodas, and moon pies. Just generally rude and giving the guy a hard time. The old guy just took their BS quietly and served pogie bait. Until it pissed off the SF cadre who actually knew who the guy was. A living SF Legend.

They formed up the class in front of the Roach Coach, formally introduced the SGM (Ret) and noted that he'd personally killed more NVA than there were students standing (at parade rest) in that impromptu formation. Then dropped their asses for push ups in the hot sun.

Students were abashed and contrite. Learning occurred.

I've forgotten who the Sergeant Major was, but the event happened as described.
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