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Originally Posted by KW Driver View Post
Just got a pair of Lems Bolder boots, all leather, about a week ago. Maybe itís because Iím wearing 48s, but that toe box makes them feel like Iím in Frankensteinís boots. They look clunky. And I was concerned about the leather quality, based on their dull, flat appearance. One coat of polish is making them clean up nicely. My pair has a touch of color disparity between the pieces of each boot. The cotton inner liner makes me wonder about itís durability too. Two years of daily wear speaks pretty well for them I guess.

But damn theyíre comfy. And light, and look like they pack small.
Yeah, the problem with shoes that let your toes splay properly ^. It's hard to avoid the clown-shoe look, but Lem's does a good job breaking it up with the seam around the toe area. Without it, they'd look awful.

The cotton inner lining doesn't wear out at all, in my experience with 5 pairs of various Boulders. I did use some beaver oil shit to waterproof one pair more, but it seemed to cause the sole to separate from the leather, so I won't do that again. Kiwi polish is fine, and they stand up to water well, though eventually rain will soak through the stitching in that toe seam if you let it puddle on top enough. They're quite good though, for being non-waterproof, more than enough for commuting or urban wear.

Here are a few more boot options, which I'm considering: (lol, not sure I can do that, too eurotrash)
($$$ ) (spotty quality)

The barefoot shoe category has kind of dwindled as of late; companies like New Balance, which used to offer them, aren't anymore, but this has strengthened other smaller companies. So, here's a comprehensive list of barefoot shoe companies, for you viewing pleasure/wallet pain:

Good luck.
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