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Originally Posted by Hot Mess View Post
BG Linder discusses SOF policy in Africa.

Africa is not like the battlefields of past wars, we are not looking at winner territory but people.
Past wars as in? Afghan/Iraq? Winning over the people has always been a big part of pretty much any war, its just not highly publicized. GWOT is proof of this. If you can persuade, change, and influence a local populace in favor of our interests then you have just accomplished more then raids and drone strikes will ever do.

Your quote hits the nail on the head "Winning the people" Africa is not a place where direct action will fix (all) its problems. That being said, its not only the local populace it is also the governments, and fellow military forces. We can train, prepare, and advise, that way PN militaries will work in unison (e.g. AMISOM) to close on and destroy the enemy without having to put to many of our brothers in harms way.
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