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Oh, wonderful- we have a new buzzword- "Ungoverned Spaces". I'll just sprinkle that dozens of times in my next power point presentation and be golden like a shower.

Seeing that the following is a major concern:

According to Human Rights Watch, the joint task force of the Nigerian military assigned to battle Boko Haram “has engaged in excessive use of force, physical abuse, secret detentions, extortion, burning of houses, stealing money during raids and extrajudicial killings of suspects.” In South Sudan, where civil war is raging, the U.S. has trained the Sudan People’s Liberation Army in the fight against Joseph Kony, the maniacal leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army. “Since the conflict began last December,” says John Ryle of the Rift Valley Institute, an independent research organization, “the South Sudan government has been criticized for the involvement of the S.P.L.A. in ethnic killings.” Once hard skills have been transferred, it’s difficult to predict how they will be used.
....this will likely just wind up being yet another circle jerk where we take a 3rd world army, try to get them to play by our gay rules, and then they get defeated by an enemy that doesn't play by the rules.

Extra-judicial killings is exactly what the doctor ordered- we should be encouraging that and teaching them how to do it better rather than giving them all kinds of human rights classes, which is what you know is going to happen.
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