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Africa- where things go to die (democracy, hopes, dreams, decency, people)

I think without having a more utilitarian mindset (whats in it for us) nationally (which I don't see til at least 2016(2024?) we will continue to make it up as we go. The direction of policy is "how does it play out on MSNBC and CNN? WTF is end-state and second order effects general?" That is how we get ourselves into an even bigger mess than the ME.

Do we want to shit the bed on the one continent with 60% of the worlds untapped resources. Of course the leftist ruling class thinks we in the working class should squander any future opportunity for the good of the "world" as long as it doesn't effect them, and they run everything.

In the light of future economic staleness and mouth breather political overlords, our ability to project power and influence will continue to decline(as planned). As we recede into irrelevance, others will fill the gap, and they will not be benign overlords as has been US policy.

We would be very wise to keep our profile low and foot print small. It will be all we can afford. I can't think of a better place for the 18 series MOS.

But honestly I see the Obama Doctrine setting the world on fire. Many of those fires just might be closer to home or long standing strategic partners that will supercede Africa.

I think a strategic re-consolidation from our unsustainable over extension is needed. Because of our shortsightedness from a national leadership level, we are going to have to let certain parts of the world burn. Do we have enough right now to support the PAC-rim and the EU from the threats they face?

I say NO and that Africa is just going to have to goto the back burner, where honestly it belongs
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