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Yesterday's fishing trip

Fishing about 2 mi. south of Fishers Is. (New York water, but right off the CT coast) this beast came past us. I believe it's the Virginia class due to the absence of sail planes and the tell tale exposed rudder. Great to see powering across the surface. Years ago it used to be a common site but now is very rare. This as it emerges from the Groton (New London) sub base. It would have just gone thru the race (chart # 13205) which has a depth of 300 +feet. In this pic. She's in about 90'. That's Long Island in the background to the left. She can stay in 70-90' until clearing Montauk Pt. Then get into some open and deeper water. We watched as it passed by us and were amazed at how it just "disappeared" as it travelled a short distance from us. The profile was slight going away. I had no idea how narrow the conning tower, um, sail was.
Question: what is the protocol for surface/sub surface travel ?
Is is based on distance from shore, depth, traffic etc.
This area coming into the Thames River to the base is so busy with commercial and recreational fisherman I would understand surfacing quite a ways out in the open ocean where sonar would pick up any surface vessels thus making surfacing safe. Mainly for the unsuspecting fishing vessel.

Oh yea ! Absolutely nailed schoolie stripers 24-30" and gator Blues to 15 lbs. my arms are sore. So isn't my knuckle that got raked by a crazy razor toothed blue on deck.
Hitting it again tomorrow. This time I'll take pics. or vid. Temps finally hit the magic 70+ Degrees. It's on !
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