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Thoughts on having an RDS on a HD shotgun? I have a 590a1 that I absolutely love.

It came with the GRS and speedfeed stock but I swapped that out years ago for the magpul furniture. The next thing up for me was the sights. Torn between tritium NS and just putting the Mesa tactical side saddle with rail on it.

I've read quite a few opinions on this and like everything firearm related, everyone has a very steadfast opinion and everyone else is an idiot.

My question is, for it's intended purpose, we put RDSs on our rifles and pistols, why not a shotgun? Seems to me to eliminate the need for any light to see the bead (tracking the POSID issue), no lining up ghost rings or anything like that under duress. With the natural pointability of SGs it makes sense to me that it would be faster and just another upgraded tool in the toolbox.

Your thoughts gentlemen?
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