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iPhone 8 Plus

Let me first say Iíve looked and searched the Apple thread using ďvirusĒ and ďpop-upsĒ without any luck. My new iPhone has been giving me issues. When Iím on websites (regardless of internet app/browser) an Amazon gift card ad pops up. I can not go back, I canít swipe it back, I canít do anything at all to interact with the browser.

Iíve looked up this on Appleís support page. Iíve followed their directions for pop-up blockers. Iíve cleared out my history and cookies 100 times, still nothing works. Iíve read about wiping my phone and using my last backup. The issue with that is backing up my phone with the same virus or whatever nonsense is on my phone. Anyone with knowledge on how to fix this?
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