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Kurdish movement groups inside Iran:

KDPI(Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iran. Recently picked up arms once more and are putting troops in and on the border of Iran- Recent attacks include burning down a Iranian military outpost that was being built over near Bokan-

KDP-I(offshoot of above group) Rearmed as of 2014, recent attacks include killing a iranian intelligence officer in Rabat, Recent attack against regime troops(Qods???) outside of Rabat and Sardasht.

KDPI/KDP-I Currently have taken over and are holding two villages south of Rabat from the Iranian Regime- Don't have information on any of the fighting as this is something that happened within the last 8 hours.

Komalah-(socialist/nationalist group) Has done several attacks recently, mainly against patrolling Iranian military units, have yet to do a larger operation other then shoot and scoot.

PJAK-Were in firefight two days ago-2KIA and 6 WIA unknown number of Iranian casualties-They were ambushed near a mountain route.
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