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There is now a peshmerga unit(s) operating inside the kermanshaw iranian area. They are consolidating currently, should know more as it's released publicly.
The balochs in Pakistan launched a attack on a Pakistani military convoy near gwader (not really relevant to Iran but good info) IEDs hit two vehicles no further skirmish.

Balochs are doing a recruitment in Afghanistan in attempts to fill ranks for the Pakistan groups (this has been ongoing for sometime with the BLA/BLF) also both groups are claiming the balochistan politicians in Pakistan have no right to be in their positions. They've also called out for iranian balochs to start attacking and bombing iranian government and military targets due to iranian regime forces executing 6 political protesters in iran today.
If the JAI/HAI or other Sunni extremist Baloch groups heed the call it'd be the first time the Pakistan and iranian Baloch movements work together (Paki balochs are not super extremist like the main iranian ones)

There's also been a attack by a Arab group in khuzestan, Iran (lower SW iran below iranian kurdistan) they attacked iranian government buildings signaling the first attack by a iranian Arab group on the Shia regime in 10 years.
That's about it for this week.

Messed up the group acronyms in a previous post.
HAI/JAI are what was once Iran Jundallah.
BLA/BLF is the main Baloch movements not affiliated with any Jundallah offshoot.

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