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what open source sites you used?

I use also

Both's and got Kurd stuffs

Originally Posted by RedBull View Post
Intel might be the best bet to swing favor on groups too. A lot of the groups who are reorganizing are not tied down to their old religious extremism as before, due to a lot of the younger generation getting in and having a more nationalistic view. A good example would be one of the main baloch groups,which just recently formed after breaking away from the HAI, while Sunni, they no longer are pushing a anti-American Sunni agenda, but a nationalist agenda. With the majority of Iran's population under the age of 35, it may be one of the best ways to influence a group away from extremism and anti-western sentiment, without actually giving them military training and equipment that could be used later on to indiscriminately kill civilians and create sectarian instability etc as intel is only good for so long before its worthless.
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