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Originally Posted by Sigi View Post
August 2nd my number is up and I am having R total knee replacement. I put this off for 4 years and decided I had to do this or my back/hip we're going to suffer permanent damage.
Well this happened yesterday @ 9:00 am. I tried to go without pain meds today but yeah that isn't happening these first few days. Today and tomorrow are probably the pinnacle of pain.

Range of motion is 110 and they want 120. Straightening is the problem - I couldn't put the back of my knee to the floor prior to the TKR so it's hard now. Painful as well.

Doc said he had to cement part of this in because the bone had too much deterioration so hopefully that doesn't become a down the road issue.

All in all no pain I can't handle but I'm not going to refuse pain pills at the moment. Wow!
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