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I had a total right hip replacement end of July 09. I'm 34 so had the ceramic on ceramic fittings with extra wide ball. Apparantly this takes more s**t and abuse than the normal sized ones. Something to do with being younger and therefore putting more wear and tear on it

I was in and out of hospital in 8 days due to minor complications and on my feet/crutches within two weeks. Was back to doing 14 hour shifts at work after 3 months.
Siz months on and all is well. The ol' pins get tired a bit quicker than they used to but aside from that (and the gaping scar down my thigh and across my a) you would never be able to tell. (I have some juicy pics somewhere)

Because of my age im expecting to have it done a couple more times but hopefully not for another 15 years or so at least.

I'll go back to my usual lurker status

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