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Originally Posted by Kouta View Post
Well, considering the terrorists in France used assault rifles, the point is moot, no? Whether some other guns are legal to buy or not doesn't matter, if we're talking gun control; the guns they used were already illegal.

No idea about Orlando's carry laws, but I imagine the nightclub was a "gun free zone." A while back when I was checking up on it, I don't think I found a single mass shooting recently that didn't take place in a gun free zone.
There are no Orlando's laws that apply. Concealed Carry is a state initiative and in Florida, the law says no city/town etc can pass a law contrary to the state law on firearms (in a negative way).

Like most night clubs these days, there is probably a club policy no weapons, and maybe a pat down.. Not sure about there..

So, even if you were CCW, you couldn't bring it in the club.


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