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I don't mean to say that I think these guys were up to no good but let's say we fast forward a few months and these clowns had done something nefarious stemming from this "visit." How many folks would be saying "OMG why didn't anyone do something when the writing was on the wall?"

Humans have survival instincts and part of that is scanning for threats. When you are no longer allowed to put 2 and 2 together because it's oh so paranoid or mean spirited you have surrendered your security to people who could care less about your security. Example: me not locking my doors while I am driving around a known high risk neighborhood because I'm told it's bigoted and hateful.

And what may seem like paranoia to security professionals on this board (Jade Helm) may be more like rationale risk mitigation amongst folks who don't do this stuff for a living and who are constantly being fed images of men from the ME doing very bad things.
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