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Originally Posted by DC View Post
I don't mean to say that I think these guys were up to no good but let's say we fast forward a few months and these clowns had done something nefarious stemming from this "visit." How many folks would be saying "OMG why didn't anyone do something when the writing was on the wall?"

Humans have survival instincts and part of that is scanning for threats. When you are no longer allowed to put 2 and 2 together because it's oh so paranoid or mean spirited you have surrendered your security to people who could care less about your security. Example: me not locking my doors while I am driving around a known high risk neighborhood because I'm told it's bigoted and hateful.

And what may seem like paranoia to security professionals on this board (Jade Helm) may be more like rationale risk mitigation amongst folks who don't do this stuff for a living and who are constantly being fed images of men from the ME doing very bad things.
See my previous response. All parents and people feel the same as you do about their homes and neighborhoods. It is the human response. There is nothing wrong with a knee jerk. New guys gotta learn and I would guess that these "select few" are learning the hard way right now. The expense to local parents seems completely unintentional.

Should they have done it? No. Do things like this happen? Yes. Could it be worse? Certainly. I saw stupid shit like teams loading their body armor into the vans to go do training ops like this one. Imagine how stupid this situation would be if a plate carrier fell out as they were getting in to leave a "good idea stop" at the local elementary school. Holy Christ.

Granted I was witnessing Fleet Navy in action so the stupid detector had to be set to SUPER MAXIMUM POWER but CA is a game of military to social interaction. Even if the CA mission is to assist civilians; why should they believe us?

Don't sweat being paranoid. Even with the best intentions most (for good reason) find the presence of CA folks unsettling at best.
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