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Originally Posted by poison View Post
Jack of all trades? Sweet!

I'll be firing up the cancer machine tonight!
I have a question about my Astra. I back flush weekly but just filled the reservoir and am not liking the taste. How do I drain the whole thing and start over? I used a different spring water than I normally do. Tasted the leftover water and dunno whatís up but it tasted weird. My husband bought it for me & got the wrong source. I use Crystal Springs sourced from Blue Ridge. Itís the only one Iíll drink or use. I can taste the difference if itís from another source. My husband says I have freaky taste buds & has tried to trick me before but Iíll take one sip and say this isnít from Blue Ridge. He bought this by mistake. But I want it out of the Astra.

Any way I can just drain it rather than having to turn it on and back flush and/or pull shots without the coffee?

I want that water out of there.

Any help is appreciated.
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