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I doubt he retires, I think he is too competitive to go out on a KO loss like that. Especially with all the money left on the table with the two possibly trilogy fights. My best guess is that he goes after the Stipe rubber match at HW, but he did seem adamant about dropping back to 205 to fight Jones for redemption.

I just remember Roy Jones Jr. after he dropped back down in weight, after beating Ruiz for the HW title, he just was never the same. I think Cormier might have a similar fate considering his age, and the wear and tear of all his fights, and the KO's he has suffered. Smart bet would be to stay at HW, and if he wants Jones, have the 3rd fight at HW. It also isn't very interesting of a fight if he goes back to 205, I know Jones popped for steroids twice, but most of the are on gear anyway and he just had Cormiers number any day of the week at LHW. At HW the story line is better, people might believe he can actually win, and the fight would sell better. Also it might set up Jones vs. Stipe at HW after Jones starches Cormier again, so a nice fringe benefit IMO.

In any case, it will be interesting to see how this all shakes out, and what he chooses to do. It was smart to not decide when his emotions were high immediately after losing to Stipe.
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