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Thank you for the tactical advice and taking the time to respond, im sure you have forgotten more than I ever knew; however as a prior reconnaissance marine with a bit of time and experience under my boots (im sure not as much as you) and having spent my EAS time as a sniper instructor and combat dive refresher and DPD maintenance guy, im not really interested in information about the 18x program. I want info on the units who currently have active dive programs and other key points as I asked in my earlier posts. While I also appreciate you pointing me in the direction of the previous post, said post was already read and did not have the answer to my question.

I will reiterate my question in a different way.
Where will the army send an E5 sotic sniper with sere, socdive, basic jump from what I can tell SF is the only group that cares about those skillsets.

Im hoping to interact with current soldiers who already have all above certs so I dont get the "well I knew a guy" information.