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I hate to be that guy...

If you're not an 07/SOT, the 80% lower being completed might seem like it is a loophole for the "manufactured as a pistol" and "manufactured as a rifle" shenanigans of the BATF library and ancient papaya scrolls and shit. However, whether you had to fill out a 4473 to purchase the lower as a firearm or if you rendered an incomplete block of aluminum through your own tooling, the end result is that you have one of the following;

- AR Pistol - no fixed or folding/collapsing/telescoping buttstock. Can be outfitted with a "brace" if that's what the part was made to be, and the brace can be shouldered, but the pistol cannot have a stock.

- AR Pattern Rifle - Any gas system length, caliber etc, with a 16" barrel allowing for all the parts used and available for use with a rifle.

- Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) - The lower receiver assembled as a rifle lower, with the desired barrel length, once the BATF ransom has been paid and your NFA stamp has been returned. Until you have the stamp with the new S/N that now has to be engraved, it would really ruin your day or week to think you're all on the up and up until someone jams you up for having an illegal SBR.

None of this is to say anything as if you aren't aware, or intended as disrespect in the event that you're all square bears with the legal side. Just trying to make it a little easier for the casual onlookers if there's any confusion about being able to put a pistol upper on a rifle lower and be immune to obnoxious government shenanigans.
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