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The NRA has officially lost it's motherfucking goddamn mind. Someone needs to scream in their faces about never giving the fucking gungrabbers ANYTHING. This is NOT going to silence the other side. The other side isn't going to STFU until every gun is gone from America, period.

If anything, these fucking retards are playing with fire while soaked in gasoline. If something is determined to "be a machine gun" because it modifies the way the weapon is fired --- do they have any flippin idea the Pandora's CRATE that opens??? Good bye Geissele. Goodbye slide cuts. Goodbye lightened BCGs. Goodbye literally everything some shitbag bureaucrat at the BATFE dreams up one morning while shaving. It's literally only limited to the damn imagination of the .gov shiteater making the policies.

This is insanity. The NRA needs a fucking wake up call. You DO NOT fucking virtue signal to the left. You do not show ANY weakness EVER to the left. At all. I cannot even believe these traitorous fucks in the NRA right now. Un-freaking-believable.
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