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Originally Posted by BigNickT View Post
It used to be that every few years some staff geek would decide to make a name for themselves by "reorganizing" the Recon community. Once they realized Recon had been reorganized all the way back around to where it started they decided to fuck with MARSOC instead. Simple.

I'm sure it makes sense to someone.

Spot on.

Ten bucks says there are staff wienies already making plans for a MARSOC Regimental Combat Team, with a deployable RCT HQ element. SF went through this same buffoonery in the 80s.

NSW went through a version of this as well. Used to be there were six SEAL teams with eight platoons in each team; 48 platoons total. The staff waved the magic wand and created eight SEAL teams with six platoons each; 48 platoons total. But now the HQ slices increased by 30%; for the same number of operators on the ground.

The biggest problem I see with the MARSOC move/reorganization, is it's going give other SOF staffers a "bright idea"...
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