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Don't like rude dogs.
I feel you. I was considering Chihuahuas to be harmless until one day I was bitten by one on a parking lot near supermarket. As I was passing them the dog was totally standing beside his owner looking somewhere and suddenly spin up on his axis and bit me. Holy God, these critters have needle-sharp pincers.

The owner, a middle-aged woman, was completely in denial that her dog could've bitten me. It all ended without involvement of the police or city guard (I'm not the type who wants to fight with everyone over trivial matters), I've checked the wound and it was properly treated - no complications. The dog was tested to be clear of any disease.

The thing I've got from this encounter is an amazement over how a supposedly docile doggie that, besides looking like some sort of mutant hybrid thin-legged gremlin, behaved seemingly normally went from zero to bitch in about 0.0001 seconds.

I steer clear of Chihuahuas now. I don't want to kill one. There you go - VICIOUS PITBULL MURDER DEATH TERROR and you coul be bitten (God, it really hurt!) by a some sort of weirdo semi-alien dog that a well-fed rat could rival in size.