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Most of us could fill a page with SF guys that had waivers, or should have had waivers, or were never medically qualified to be in the course, but got there and got through it anyway. At some point all of them were told they shouldn't/couldn't be there, but they went anyway and made it to group.

Off the top of my head I can think of two guys that are legit color blind, one guy that never went to jump school, one guy that could not pass a jump physical (brain injury-ex boxer had an actual fit while in robin sage) plus any number of guys who worked as child soldiers, criminals or were in armies that did naughty things before coming to America. Being short is nothing comparison to those kind of issues.

If your really short, your going to have as many problems as some one who is really tall (try a rope climb at 6'6 280), or as many problems as some of the genetically skinny guys who simply can not put on muscle mass.

Best advice, lift like a mofo, moving with a mission ruck can be a real challenge, especially if you have short legs. Avoid the appearance of "little man complex" or "napoleon syndrome" like the plague and train hard.
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