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Originally posted by The Reaper

Your question is to satisfy some idle curiosity of yours. You want me, or another BTDT, to stop playing with our kids, helping with their homework, or just enjoying our personal time to answer your question, and you want it done yesterday. You have no creds or what I would call a "need to know", you lack the common courtesy to fill in your profile, and cannot be troubled to do a little research, but you demand a reply, and right now! Jeez, you don't even have to drive to the freaking library anymore, you can Google 98% of the knowledge in the world from your home computer.

I love this answer! It's dead on what I hear at home when I ask questions. I'll ask something about SF and some of what that entails and the very first thing I get asked is "Who's asking and why do they want to know?" If I have to say "Uh, some guy who thinks SF is cool and that's all I know." the answer I get is "Tell him Standard 7th Grp Reply."

There are times I'm surprised at how patient the SF guys here are with posters. Even if they tell you the answer can be found by using the search function it's bette than what you'd get at my house.
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