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i jnormally just used clear lenses and switched to a shooter's yellow towards dusk.

sometimes when i got tired of squinting i used a grey lens during the day. if i had to go inside i just took off the eyepro...not the best solution but better than not being able to see. once i did that i usually felt like i was a dumbass for not wearing eyepro which made me use clear lenses exclusively after that...for a while...until i got tired of squinting in the sunlight...


the moral of this story is that there is NO universal solution to anything. EVERYTHING is about making tradeoffs according to METT-T. Just make your call and then live with it. The trick is to not spend unnessary time hand-wringing if the situation changes....recognize immediately that your COA isn't working and don't be afraid to switch....then when it's all over do an AAR and move on...
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