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The Fights On The Little Horn. Unveiling the mysteries of Custer's Last Stand

The BEST book on Custer I have read to date is "The Fights On The Little Horn. Unveiling the mysteries of Custer's Last Stand" by Gordon Harper. This book is based on primary sources (interviews, letters, and such developed over 40 years of study). These interviews, trial transcripts, and notes also include the NA point of view of the battle. This is a very in-depth look at the battle, background of the campaign, and individuals that are a part of it. The movements of individuals and units. There are also some analytical chapters on some questions such as Custer disobeying orders, and splitting the command prior to the battle. Harper looks both at critics and supporters of Custer from a neutral stance. He brings forth some very sound arguments against what in many cases is considered be common knowledge.

Read that with "Archeology, History, and Custer's Last Battle" by Richard Fox. This book is based on the forensic exam of the battlefield after a fire removed the normal 2-3 foot tall grass that grows there. Think a platoon on line with metal detectors. Through the discovery of previously unknown remains (Mitch Boyer's), tracking of weapons through shell cases and spent bullets as the rifle and pistol changes hands Fox and the team of researchers, scientists, and volunteers have laid the ground work of discovering of what happened on that hot June afternoon so many years ago.

If you only read two books on Custer and the Little Big Horn.... read Fox then Harper.
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