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I shot in a down pour in the canadian forces matches in Ottawa once. I think Boatwreck was my partner. Notes of note....

1. Water got all over the objective lenses. We were using an M3A with its sunshade and had minimal effect on visibility. However the rest of the guys were using Unertls with no sun shade and couldnt see shit.

2. When you are looking through optics in the rain, you are taking ALL the rain between you and the target and cramming it onto ONE focal plane so its hard to see. Back off on magnification if you can. (Makes reading wind real easy though).

3. Ballistics wise the air dam effect and sonic wave is acting like a force field keeping the water off of the projectile so its not like shooting through a wall of water.

4. Its a cool visual watching trace through the spotting scope as the shock wave is exploding rain as it tears down range.

5. That was the same instance they had a tornado near the range and never sounded the alarm...

Fun times..
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