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Originally Posted by RangerCharlie View Post
I'd like to start a Ranger links thread (Really we could use this for all the services)

Post a good referance about the US Army Rangers such as museums, clubs, history sites.

Admins, if this works out can you memo it so that all can refer to it easy?

Here's another idea (which I'll also be posting on the Facebook Ranger page)...

Several years ago, a former Ranger got depressed and ate his pistol. Some guys on the Yahoo rangerlist group asked for volunteers to be available for Rangers who might be having problems but not wanting to go through the DoD/VA Suicide Hotline (for obvious reasons). General Greb was maintaining the list, but he's had some serious health problems and I dropped out of the rangerlist a couple of years ago and don't know what the status of the list is anymore. So...

We've all read about the "rising incidence" of suicides in young soldiers (and recruiters) possibly related to their service downrange. I haven't heard of any Rangers/SF/SEALs/Marine Recon or EOD commiting suicide since the early '80s, but we all get depressed at times, and sometimes we just can't connect with the civilians and straightlegs who run the hotlines (particularly when we have clearances to worry about). I recently met a former Detachment D trooper and we dump on each other on an as needed basis...

Here's my suggestion: that we set up a list for past and current operators who need someone to talk to, particularly late at night when you can't sleep and the bad memories start to crowd in.

I'm retired and have strange sleep habits, and am willing to maintain the list as well as being a contact.

Security of information? Well, this is a fairly decent site and I have a Mac, so let's see what y'all think...