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Soooo let me throw you a bone here deepC.

If this cat IS an SF bubba and he is saying he may not come back, especially from a trip to mother fucking Dubai? My 60 yo sister goes there on vacation. He is full of shit and we would sneak word to his chain of command.

Second, a google search will show you that there are no more SF Groups in the USAR, only Army National Guard. While there is ARNG SF in Camp Bullis, near SAN ATONIO, this guy sounds like he is full of shit.

Lastly, no one was disrespectful to your girl friend here. You brought her into our house, no one invited her here. My advice to you is not to downplay the competition, but to convince her you are the right one because you are the right one, not because the other guy is a douche.

Otherwise you will be doing this again.
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