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Originally Posted by Purple36 View Post
I own stock in tissue....I make money for every tear you drop!
BAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHA!!!!! This made me laugh out loud, Thanks.

Second female opinion here-
MOVE on with your life, and please do it quickly. She obviously doesn't want you or is playing the both of you. Pick your heart out of the swamps you laid it in, pick your pride off the ground, get over your obsession with the dude, and move on. Besides, from a woman's perspective, if I were here and I am done with a dude, and he does some creepy shit like this when I do move on and find another….it will not only ruin any opportunity to reconcile but it would make me block you and never speak to you again(ruining friendship status) (and probably warn others of your weirdness). It's creeper status. You're thinking about this way too much. Go get a drink, smoke a cig, maybe do some laps, and call it a night.
Besides, if he really is an SF dude, I highly doubt you will win that battle against him. No offense.
Cheers- Jameson shots are a cure all.